Green Crush With Alan Park

Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 38 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 110

May 1, 2018

How very often our governments will tell us cannabis is dangerous, is reflected in their seeming policy - denying it to war veterans - because - "it's dangerous". Somehow figuring with their sober minds, that Iraqi or Afghani invasive combat etc., is less dangerous than a plant, that is effective in pain and PTSD reduction, if not elimination. 

Sgt. Joshua Lee and his wife Julia - a counsellor, and mental health therapist in trauma - relay Josh's story of experiencing much anguish from his post-war, 27 different daily medications. This was a result of his time overseas in the military. Fascinating and insightful, the two founded Veteran's Alliance for Compassionate Access, and they have done their homework - for sure, it's a fascinating listen.

The full story behind Joshua's viral photo that started it all here:

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Bill Blair is confused about his confusing pending legislation, Zimbabwe is going legal weed, there's a surplus in Oregon so it's cheap - and Lester Grinspoon at 89 years old, MIGHT be getting the recognition he much deserves - Hey Lester, we certainly recognize you - please come on our show!

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