Green Crush With Alan Park

Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 15

October 24, 2017

Episode 15 centers on the opioid crisis that is ruining countless lives. Everyone has an opinion – everyone has the desperate question, "what is going on?" "what's happening to these people?" "what can we do about it – how did this happen?"

We reveal that about all of those concerns, the answer lies before us already. It only takes political awareness and Will to put the responsible criminals in jail, and rehabilitate the people taken prey by one of history's greatest skimSchemeScams.

The only crisis regarding opioids is a lack of honesty and political will to address the problem in just one term. With some of the major distributors of these toxic profit pills exposed, we suggest you contact them at your leisure, and ask exactly what they are going to do about it.

The government is lying – the revolving door of changing the laws from within the government to then leave and profit from those laws in the private sector, must come to an end. These dark operators are the same people telling us that cannabis is not effective for cancer.