Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 27 = Conspiracy Queries Ep 99

February 6, 2018

A special forewarning tribute, to the unfortunately unwell, Dr. Sam Mellace ( ). Happy to have established communication with the author of, “The Great Cannabis Conspiracy” Dr. Sam was felled by a stroke on a flight from Vancouver to Toronto. We didn’t get to visit with him, but his family can rest assured we will cover his book and his legacy, while he begins his rebuild back to full health. In his absence we will take on the issues with Sam’s friend supporter and patient, Paul Hartmann.

This episode’s guest is Australia’s Jenny Hallam… who faces some awful prison time if things don’t go her way… I guess she should’ve thought about that before being so criminally minded as to help people at no cost regain their healthful vitality, using a naturally provided easy-access plant.

We again scour the scum bucket that is political double dipping and police based profiteering, into the slowly changing world of cannabis access.

Too many cops and politicians with their finger in the pie. Don’t let their involvement and attempt at control, influence your decision to use this powerful elixir of life.

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Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 26 = Conspiracy Queries Ep 98

January 30, 2018

Todd Scattini is a three decade veteran of the US military. There he learned more about cannabis than most people learn in their entire lives. Now a civilian, he brings that knowledge to the world with Harvest360 helping people help themselves understand what a powerhouse and miracle substance, this beautiful plant really is. Any sufferers of brain injury will want to know about this. A special thanks to Cannabiz Daily for hooking us up!

A vivid reminder of how much involvement the police have in interfering with cannabis consumption, two of the dispensary-raiders made asses of themselves eating confiscated edibles. This triggers the reminder that all officers should be screened for cannabis consumption before and after their shift.

Terence McKenna, noted psychonautic researcher, pops his head in for inspiration here and there along the way. We close out the show with more insane conspiratorial ramblings from the long deceased American lunatic, Harry Anslinger.


Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 25 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 97

January 23, 2018

Today's episode should have been all things Dana Larsen.  Instead we chatted for 10 and fought with a bad Skype connection, being forced to rebook him for an upcoming episode.  The show must go on, and so it did. 

Alan mulched through past and present media addressing the surpression of research that goes unpublished and therefore unlearned from. Should evidence from thousands and thousands of global survivors still be considered anecdotal and dismissed? 

Rick Simpson struggles with crowdfunding his campaign to produce a movie highlighting the benefits of medicinal Cannabis while hiding out in a foreign country to avoid prosecution from the very same government that moves to make the product legal and under their control. Cue the Liquor Control Branch, swaggering in Bronfman-style in their suits and ties to save the day... or not.  



Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 24 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 96

January 16, 2018

What gets larger by the day is the awareness of many, surrounding the powerful magic of an easily obtainable plant. Some people know more than others, and our guest today from – Chief Marketing Officer Shaun Dillon, is helping people around the world connect with this information.


Following a typical news round up of what’s going on globally with cannabis, we speak with Shaun and get his very informed take on how best to increase your knowledge base on this very helpful product - plant - science. These folks ask you to pepper their inbox with questions and inquiries, they want it all.


Closing out on the conspiracy angle – The scientific data points to widespread legalization, yet the legislation keeps pointing us in the opposite direction.


Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 23 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 95

January 9, 2018

Welcome to Conspiracy Queries with Alan Park – these are the conspiracy queries, I am the Alan Park. 

At long last, it’s Episode 95. Long lost listeners wondered what happened to me… Stage4 prostate cancer. Fully metastasized, a discount wheelchair, a cane to walk, a certain death. 

No longer able to do that show - while looking for a way to live. All of those FACTS out there… yet I was told, “there’s nothing else that can be done.”

On Conspiracy Queries - I asked questions about situations not fully resolved in my mind. This was the show.

But Cancer put serious questions in my mind nowhere near resolved. 

This was the Life. 

And I learned the answer – 

for me and many more…

Is in the cancer. 

The answer, is in C-ancer. C?

Like so many problems… 

The solution was inside the problem.

I told ConQ listeners over the couple of years it was on the Internet and later on Sirius XM… that I couldn’t really do it anymore… that I needed a Break… 

to try using cannabis oil… Thank you Rick Simpson… Still need to talk to him. Thank you good sir.

I began to feel better using and learning more about cannabis. The more I realized… we really can’t talk about cannabis without talking conspiracy.

Revitalized, Green Crush was created to share this knowledge for others to benefit from, it was actually Conspiracy Queries the whole time, lasered on the topic that saved my life. 

When the big 3 doors are closed, there’s another. But some people don’t want you walking through, from giving it a try, especially when their degree tells them, you’re going to die.

The 4th door to stage 5 has made its case. 

And so it’s Episode 23 of GreenCrush. 

And it’s Episode 95 of ConspiracyQueries.

On I go, to experience creative and research efforts as two interwoven strands, connected and intertwined. 

It works for DNA, why not me?


You’re listening to... 

GreenCrush ConspiracyQueries 

with Alan Park 


And thank you


Green Crush With Alan Park - New Year’s Episode 2018

January 2, 2018

Looking back on 2017 and what it brought to the cannabis community is the theme of the Green Crush New Year’s 2018 Edition. It doesn’t take long to find our vantage point looking forward, highlighted by some of the new laws and ways in different lands, that will somehow affect us all.

Our announced and anticipated guest Cheryl Shuman, CEO and founder of The Beverly Hills Cannabis Club, leaves us in a last-minute lurch, so we do a bit of a profile on her, and what she is trying to accomplish in the newly legalized California. Hopefully, we can confirm her attendance again in the future. Naturally, discussing her bio doesn’t take as long as our interview would have been, but fortunately there is plenty of current cannabis news to fill the void.

Happy New Year from the Green Crush crew! 


Raw Mike Richards - Full Alan Park Interview

December 27, 2017

The interview that started it all.  Alan opens up about his full journey with Cancer and Cannabis on The Raw Mike Richards Show with a fellow survivor.

Recorded live on May 24, 2017

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Green Crush With Alan Park - Crushmas Episode 2017

December 19, 2017

The Christmas episode! 

The time of year when you have an episode, and it is Christmas.


Much like the first Crush episode, Alan recounts his medical reasons for telling his particular story and its remedy. This research is the axis of the show, the reason for its existence.


Many of the day’s cannabis related news items are brought to focus, with heavy reminders about the ‘criminality’ - of using a plant to save your own life, of the police inexplicably at the helm of what is being sold as decriminalization, but which is in fact – a legalese-ation. Instead, how about Norway who are eliminating the punishment system in favour of the treatment system.


And we gear up for a six-month slide and fight in Canada into an incorrect system being made, which in truth, needs to be corrected or eliminated, while bringing focus to many other cannabis hotspots around the world who have shown us we can do it a lot better. 


Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 22

December 12, 2017

Episode 22 shimmers with synergy between Episode number 11 and today’s efforts. A twinning-up – DNA binding together as the official story dwindles. Our guest from Kansas, USA, shares his vast knowledg with the less experienced. The founder of Kansans For Hemp, Kelly Rippel trades in sustainable water development and distribution to school kids, as he similarily educates us with his acquired data of hemp and cannabis by coming to the Green Crush (stage) fore. 

Before that, some year-end thoughts. Lessons of lingering in the outpost at the edge of this/his alleged existence, trigger a reminiscence that fuels a positive, forward thinking mindset. 

As ever, this expression is designed to both provide comfort to those in a similar place, and an indicator of a well meant life becoming possible, when all other means would take away – thanks again to the plant.

 A politician says something stupid… this time also really funny. It looks like Canada’s Cannabis recriminalization laws may not come off on time according to plan and promise, if a couple of right-leaning Tory senators have anything to do with it.


Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 21

December 5, 2017

Episode 21 holds perhaps an unknown reason of why it is superior to usher in a renewal of focus, away from our own native country Canada. Out of disappointment for the missed opportunities and suppressed democratic impulses, here begins our perceptive journey of awareness into countries other than the disappointingly regressive Canada.

Interview with Rhys Cohen, Director of Cannabis Consulting Australia ( ) and its educational training program CANN10 ( ). Unlike anything to our knowledge in Canada or the United States - so far anyway – CANN10 presents a golden opportunity to enhance one’s own knowledge and awareness of cannabis for the betterment of society – the stark and obvious counterpoint to the official government narrative that… "Nothing good ever comes from marijuana".

Plus, more fat cat police double dipping reveals and history on a family who turned a massive profit from illegal alcohol sales in the earlier previous century, and how they have found a way to do the same in an effort to control cannabis and enlarge their Bronfman Family 2.0 Empire.

Important note: this show also provides the first opportunity for monetary support through our Patron web page. Can pledge as little as $1 / month. In addition to, or otherwise, go to the Green Crush iTunes page to write us up something nice there, subscribe. Share. Every little bit helps the production and promotion of the show, and we thank you for your support.