Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 33 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 105

March 20, 2018

Again we update the latest canna news. A March madness that involves no basketball, the latest series of Canadian government contradictions and conundrums. For example, they claim they've done all the possible research, yet claim they have nowhere near enough research available and need to know more. Stupidly, that did not hold them back from drafting punitive archaic legislation nearly a year ago. Avarice at the helm.  

We leave the strictures of discussing purely medical and recreational advancements from cannabis to focus on the productive and creative abilities of the mind. Chris Griswold teaches improv classes in New York City - and beyond if you care to contact him - he travels to your town - and explains working through his ADHD and anxiety issues, using their inherent qualities as helpful tools rather than limiting binds. 

Chris - who remains ungreen while teaching, organizes his class around participants/actors after their brief indulgence in the herb. After 20 years teaching without it, he verifies this experiment has opened up to noticeable, successful results. 


Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 32 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 104

March 13, 2018

Alan Park chats with Filmmaker Cody Lanktree about his documentary project "Dispensed With: A Canadian Cannabis Documentary" and dispensary manager Vikki Smythe, who recently confronted Premiere Kathleen Wynne at a town hall (Much like regular Green Crush listeners will remember Alan did not too long ago) - calls in to add to the conversation.


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Director Cody Lanktree is most inspired by dialogue created by the connection between time, beauty, and our personal truths. In the ten years since HamiltonSeen’s inception, Cody has guided the company from small commercial production to white-boxing partnerships with major marketing firms, and finally to the creation of documentaries focused on community and larger social issues. His vision is one that will not stop at less than fundamentally changing and challenging perspectives and the world.

CODY LANKTREE VIDEO LINKS - A short on the stakes of getting cannabis right - Cody talking about the cannabis community - IndieGoGo campaign ENDS March 24th


TRACY LAMOURIE Executive Producer


Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 31 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 103

March 6, 2018

My latest hospital bone scan and CT scan results: I still have stage 4 terminal cancer! But, it ...isn't - doing, anything? Whatever could be my secret???

Marcus Rummery appears to be a psychonaut, perhaps even a modern day Terence McKenna. He’s even made fun of Terence McKenna so that's a good start. Rummery speaks with the casual comfort of someone who has been doing his otherworldly home work in our conversation about his psychoactive use, enlightenment, and his new book.  

The book, 'Shamanic Graffiti - 100,000 Years of Drugs, 100 Years of Prohibition' is co-authored by 'futurist', Doctor Tomorrow, aka Shane Ogden. Knowing Marcus as a former fellow comedian, I wanted to explore his situation both mentally and spiritually before and after he wrote the book. He tells us how its revelations have impacted his life. We also discuss what seems a far more sensible means at eliminiating or seriously reducing harder, more addictive substances use.

In our usual news round-up, looks like politicians will be in a tizzy if the $2 gram proposed out of Oregan US catches on. Plus, looks like the customer might be hit from behind as huge corporate mergers in cannabis production occur even before most people are familiar with the players. 


Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 30 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 102

February 27, 2018

Today we honor the gifted Dr. Sam Mellace’s new book: The Great Cannabis Conspiracy. One of Sam’s Cannabis Vs.Cancer patients, launches this GCCQ episode into the archive as mindblowing. We eagerly begin a series of convos with the very learned and big hearted cancer victor, Paul Hartmann. 

Sam touches on so many parallel areas as to what I went through, but he was the one who had to go and get the degrees to prove it! With our guest we talk about many of the researched facts and there are so many, from by-gone eras from where Sam drew a lot of his awareness about how and why cannabis is as healthful as we now know that it is. 

Unfortunately, a Green Crush recent guest - Australia’s Jenny Hallam - is in even more trouble. Right when we thought they would drop her charges, they’ve added two more. The police are functioning in a rampant manner, in contravention to scientific principles. In other words – you can’t really tell if someone’s high just because they have cannabis in their body. Stop pretending that you can know this. #ISupportJennyHallam


Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 29 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 101

February 20, 2018

As earlier predicted on this show, the indoctrination about ‘how terrible cannabis is’, is making its claim for the major portion of the consciousness of the citizen. This is intolerable particularly in the light of regular scientific burying of the positive facts, and the appropriation of public funds to tell just that one side of the story. We also spent some time clearing up the fallacy of “only needing CBD“, for health and efficacy.

Our guest today - it had to happen eventually… is the CEO of a Licensed Production facility of cannabis in Canada… Nathan Woodworth, of Waterloo’s, James E.Wagner Cultivation. Nathan has parlayed what were serious migraine headaches, and the realization of its fantastic relief, from the cannabis plant, into a flourishing business.

Repurposing a old very large facility in the small Ontario town, Nathan is playing ball with the feds and creating a top strain of aeroponic weed maintaining very high cultivation standards for a top shelf excellent product. Though we differ on the issue of dispensaries and their existence, these folks are part of the conversation and need to be held to as high standards as Nathan guarantees his facility operates under.


Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 28 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 100

February 13, 2018

The science is in on Cannabis, and it’s saying that regarding Cannabis, more science is required. Our special guest Dr. Michele Ross, PhD, from Colorado explains so much so clearly, on how she positioned herself to medically, scientifically and experientially understand the power against illness, that our little green friend posseses.

IMPACT Network’s founder and Executive Director Michele Ross focuses her neuroscientist brainstem on the Endocannabinoid Deficiency Foundation - and it becomes the IMPACT Network. Check out Dr.Michele Ross online at and look out for her new book Vitamin Weed, soon to be published and released online and in paper copy.

Of course we focus on even more typical government chicanery, but also explore the good news about restoring the bees to health, harvesting antibacterial honey, and doing it atop a field of cannabis! Where do I sign up? We close things out with ancient suppressed news of cannabis health advancements, and you will be outraged.



Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 27 = Conspiracy Queries Ep 99

February 6, 2018

A special forewarning tribute, to the unfortunately unwell, Dr. Sam Mellace ( ). Happy to have established communication with the author of, “The Great Cannabis Conspiracy” Dr. Sam was felled by a stroke on a flight from Vancouver to Toronto. We didn’t get to visit with him, but his family can rest assured we will cover his book and his legacy, while he begins his rebuild back to full health. In his absence we will take on the issues with Sam’s friend supporter and patient, Paul Hartmann.

This episode’s guest is Australia’s Jenny Hallam… who faces some awful prison time if things don’t go her way… I guess she should’ve thought about that before being so criminally minded as to help people at no cost regain their healthful vitality, using a naturally provided easy-access plant.

We again scour the scum bucket that is political double dipping and police based profiteering, into the slowly changing world of cannabis access.

Too many cops and politicians with their finger in the pie. Don’t let their involvement and attempt at control, influence your decision to use this powerful elixir of life.

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Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 26 = Conspiracy Queries Ep 98

January 30, 2018

Todd Scattini is a three decade veteran of the US military. There he learned more about cannabis than most people learn in their entire lives. Now a civilian, he brings that knowledge to the world with Harvest360 helping people help themselves understand what a powerhouse and miracle substance, this beautiful plant really is. Any sufferers of brain injury will want to know about this. A special thanks to Cannabiz Daily for hooking us up!

A vivid reminder of how much involvement the police have in interfering with cannabis consumption, two of the dispensary-raiders made asses of themselves eating confiscated edibles. This triggers the reminder that all officers should be screened for cannabis consumption before and after their shift.

Terence McKenna, noted psychonautic researcher, pops his head in for inspiration here and there along the way. We close out the show with more insane conspiratorial ramblings from the long deceased American lunatic, Harry Anslinger.


Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 25 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 97

January 23, 2018

Today's episode should have been all things Dana Larsen.  Instead we chatted for 10 and fought with a bad Skype connection, being forced to rebook him for an upcoming episode.  The show must go on, and so it did. 

Alan mulched through past and present media addressing the surpression of research that goes unpublished and therefore unlearned from. Should evidence from thousands and thousands of global survivors still be considered anecdotal and dismissed? 

Rick Simpson struggles with crowdfunding his campaign to produce a movie highlighting the benefits of medicinal Cannabis while hiding out in a foreign country to avoid prosecution from the very same government that moves to make the product legal and under their control. Cue the Liquor Control Branch, swaggering in Bronfman-style in their suits and ties to save the day... or not.  



Green Crush With Alan Park - Ep 24 = Conspiracy Queries Episode 96

January 16, 2018

What gets larger by the day is the awareness of many, surrounding the powerful magic of an easily obtainable plant. Some people know more than others, and our guest today from – Chief Marketing Officer Shaun Dillon, is helping people around the world connect with this information.


Following a typical news round up of what’s going on globally with cannabis, we speak with Shaun and get his very informed take on how best to increase your knowledge base on this very helpful product - plant - science. These folks ask you to pepper their inbox with questions and inquiries, they want it all.


Closing out on the conspiracy angle – The scientific data points to widespread legalization, yet the legislation keeps pointing us in the opposite direction.