Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 9

September 12, 2017

Just when you think you've think you've got your show figured out, and all the pieces are in place, along comes some of the most intellectually deficient, mean spirited, oppression filled by-laws in Alan's home province of Ontario, Canada.  We react to the new legal framework proposal put forward by the Ontario liberal government.  We spend time with a normal person, with a normal life, who tried all the normal remedies and gave it all up for the Green - Kelly from "Coming Out Green" as our guest.


Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 8

September 5, 2017

Whenever the dam breaks the pushback from what was being held back is all powerful. Resistance meets faltering force.  The lies and the laws and the ignored science and the governmental penchant for incarceration for profit, bringing the ruination of family lives around the world, is that faltering dam. The now weak-stronghold against the pushback of the truth, that dam has cracked.  Green Crush is the power, the beginning phase of a class action suit against those information supressors, our rulers of both major parties. It's a new game now.  Guest Edward Fitzpatrick, live from England, explains how the new economy will alter and improve the old crumbling one, the result of generations of neglect.


Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 7

August 29, 2017

Today's Crush reconstitutes the scientific awareness surpressed on many levels.  It's ok though, it's easy to understand.  It has been around as a medicine and a way of life for thousands of years longer than it has been "illegal" according to "authorities." Alan adds to his saga from diagnosis to repair - instead of exit.  Once again we get a shout out from a British parliamentarian who strongly recommends that we challenge that authority and break that law.


Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 6

August 22, 2017

Today's episode was all about crushing the medical system that prevents us from obtaining the treatments that really work for us, not just the big Pharma industry! We welcomed guest Aaron Barzel from "Unhealthy Warriors" to chime in on the latest and not so greatest from our studio in Toronto at Pacific Junction Hotel!

Check out Unhealthy Warriors on YouTube at


Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 5

August 8, 2017

As in all episodes, the 5th Green Crush episode shines a light on angles unconsidered in the mainstream. There is indeed evidence of the curative aspect of cannabis over cancer. Alan describes the early stages of his diagnosis, highlighting the fear and insecurity that is so easily flattened by the perceptive expansions of the food of the gods.
A government happy and oblivious enough to proffer human rights abuses in Yemen can not be taken seriously when it says: What About the Children? re cannabis.  A different understanding of reality is not a cannabis problem, it’s a key to undoing the ‘normal’ under which we are now oppressed.


Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 4

August 1, 2017

The 4th Crush destroys the notion that the cops, the politicians, and the uptight are the ones to set forth the new agenda. Especially as they have no problem using suppression of knowledge and science and rights to propose and enact the already proposed, deeply flawed legislation. Punitive measures cannot be a party to ignoring truth and science.
Our Green Veterans have done their duty - now their government is trying to run away from theirs, but had better line up to help these folks. It shouldn’t be too hard - just flex the democratic muscle you say you’re all about, and follow the will of the people, rather than manufacturing bullshit to control the people. While they're at it, they should try that with the cannabis dispensary model.
This episode includes Cops or Truth, turning the PAGE, and What About the Children??



Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 3

July 30, 2017

It's great to take Door 4 to Stage 5, but there are still some... 'things' in the way: ignorance, greed and intolerance - brought on by those standing to profit from the suppression of knowledge. From police fact-twisting to clearly crooked political motivations, Green Crush - Episode 3 begins highlighting the through-lines of the dismantling of thought control. Answer: The hardware for this is in your body, the endocannabinoid system.


Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 2

July 18, 2017

Alan Park talks with writer, atist, public speaker and activist Russell Barth from Ottawa, Ontario.  Born in 1969 in Montreal's West Island, Russell Barth was raised in Rigaud Quebec and VanKleek Hill, Ontario. He and his wife Christine Lowe became marijuana-legalization advocates in the summer of 2002, and have since appeared in countless TV, print, radio, and net articles. Co-author of the world's first children's book about medical marijuana (Mommy's Funny Medicine), Russell went on to become the most-published letter-to-the-editor writer in Canadian history, making him fourth-most- published in the world.


Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 1

July 15, 2017

Royal Canadian Air Farce Alum, former Sirius XM radio host of "Conspiracy Queries" and one of Canada's top stand-up comedians, Alan Park is back from a Stage 4 prostate cancer diagnosis to talk openly about the link between Cannabis and Cancer that saved his life. 

Twice dragging himself off of a guaranteed deathbed, Alan has learned the big 3 doors into the cancer journey are not always available or effective. Alan will help to reveal the well hidden, 4th Door.

With no options for conventional medical treatment, Alan was presented with the sole option of getting his personal affairs in order. Seeing Cannabis all over the news and media, Alan researched every aspect of the famous leaf. Why the hate? Why the love? Alan insists it’s very much worth looking at with fresh eyes - that are occasionally bloodshot.

GREEN CRUSH is a one hour LIVE STREAMING truth blast on the grassy parameters – showcasing in-studio and call-in experts from both sides of the fence. Alan’s personal experience with the healthcare system - his triumphs, losses and tips will prove valuable to anyone that has interest in Cannabis culture. Unravelling Conspiracies, both proven and speculated, with a powerful journey through the tales of fighting cancer by way of irreverent, funny and empowering dialogue.