Green Crush With Alan Park

Green Crush With Alan Park - Episode 4

August 1, 2017

The 4th Crush destroys the notion that the cops, the politicians, and the uptight are the ones to set forth the new agenda. Especially as they have no problem using suppression of knowledge and science and rights to propose and enact the already proposed, deeply flawed legislation. Punitive measures cannot be a party to ignoring truth and science.
Our Green Veterans have done their duty - now their government is trying to run away from theirs, but had better line up to help these folks. It shouldn’t be too hard - just flex the democratic muscle you say you’re all about, and follow the will of the people, rather than manufacturing bullshit to control the people. While they're at it, they should try that with the cannabis dispensary model.
This episode includes Cops or Truth, turning the PAGE, and What About the Children??